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        范 围:

        Shantou congested Thai machinery Co., LTD

        Phone: 0754-82489884,8821880
        Fax: 0754-82488869

        Website: www.crdysoft.com
        E-mail: sthtjx@163.com

        Address: industrial zone, shantou city/industry one of the 20 th road
        Postal: 515064

        名称:Cover the molding machine      型号:
        Cover the molding machine

        Performance characteristics
        "The double location independent put volumes frame, it is equipped with an automatic function.
        "Two worktables electric furnace, improve production speed;
        "Electric furnace points preheating and heating two paragraphs; Forming the heating plate automatic closing, open, can in the heating plate after let go of delay boot, will the material waste in a travel restrictions within. Due to the heat finite, and to reduce the heating power and temperature, save energy and increase the stability of the piece of plastic.
        "Molding location Settings are positive and negative pressure device.
        "The mould adopts the linking piece the clamping, convenient adjustment and installation.
        Machine adopts the gripping manipulator to institutions into, smooth operation, accurate synchronization, the trip from 150-230 mm arbitrary adjustable;
        "All of the parts and plastic contact all use stainless steel or non-toxic materials manufacturing, comply with GMP requirements.
        "The main motor stepless speed regulation: cutting from number 10 to 20 times/points can be adjusted according to the length of the trip and the shaping difficult and easy to set the appropriate factors such as the number of cutting.
        "All the pneumatic, electric components are used in high-grade form a complete set, the main components of imported.

        Technology parameters

        Applicable materials PET、PVC、PS、PP(B型)
        specifications HTBG250-A HTBG350-A HTBG450-A HTBG390-B
        Molding area 230*120 330*120 430*220 370*220
        Molding speed (mold/minutes) 25 20 15 15
        To adapt to the plate width (mm) 250 350 450 390
        To adapt to the plate thickness (mm) 0.2~0.8 0.2~0.8 0.2~0.8 0.2~1.0
        The biggest molding depth (mm) 25 25 50 50
        The power (KW) 9 12 16 18
        Equipment envelop dimensions Depending on the type and decide

        Products pictures

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        Address: industrial zone, shantou city/industry one of the 20 th road
        Phone: +86 754 82489884 88218880 fax: +86 754 82488869 contact
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