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        范 围:

        Shantou congested Thai machinery Co., LTD

        Phone: 0754-82489884,8821880
        Fax: 0754-82488869

        Website: www.crdysoft.com
        E-mail: sthtjx@163.com

        Address: industrial zone, shantou city/industry one of the 20 th road
        Postal: 515064

        名称:The stationery extrusion sheet material units      型号:
        The stationery extrusion sheet material units

            The unit three roller structure and the harvard clip structure, change the rollers simply and quickly. Screw for separating type structure, good plasitcization, high output, extrusion stability, die head change nets part adopts hydraulic device to fast, convenient operation, high production efficiency. Temperature control adopts SCR system, the temperature differential for + /-1 ° C, can precisely control the process and plate thickness plasitcization and smoothness. The embossing roll from 316 mm-450 mm to choose from, two-cycle cooling system embossing roll control temperature, make plate level off and thickness even. Slice machine adopts microcomputer control, plank length and amount accurately.
            Widely used in stationery, photo album, packaging, electronics, medical, catering and building material industry, etc. 

        Technology parameters
        Applicable materials
        Yield (kg/h)   
        Product thickness error of
        The installed power
        Equipment envelop dimensions
        Depending on the type and decide

        Products pictures
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        Address: industrial zone, shantou city/industry one of the 20 th road
        Phone: +86 754 82489884 88218880 fax: +86 754 82488869 contact
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