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        范 围:

        Shantou congested Thai machinery Co., LTD

        Phone: 0754-82489884,8821880
        Fax: 0754-82488869

        Website: www.crdysoft.com
        E-mail: sthtjx@163.com

        Address: industrial zone, shantou city/industry one of the 20 th road
        Postal: 515064


        Company profile

        Shantou hongtai machinery Co., LTD is located in the beautiful coastal city-shantou, adjacent to the airport, railway stations and bus station, and the traffic is convenient. The company was founded in the 21 century, there are the standard workshop and complete equipments. The company has the senior title engineering technicians more than 20 people, over twenty years experience in research and development, now has a number of independent intellectual property rights. Companies adhering to the science and technology humanist, enterprise innovation first the concept of development, bear stearns, the introduction of technology. In a batch of having both ability and political integrity of plastic packaging machinery professional technical personnel to the efforts to rapidly develop into a set research and development, manufacturing, and marketing
        Sales of integrated services to the innovation enterprise.
        The Thai focus on the needs of the development of The Times, actively adopt international advanced production technology, rigorous scientific management mode, and with the unique r&d spirit, and the constant innovation, developed a series of high-tech products. The unique screw, material tube, three roller light design, extruder stable product quality, high output, high automatic operation. The development of molding machine, set forming, punching and die cutting, automatic stacked in one body. Products are widely used in many fields of compilation of production.
        Committed to the development of extrusion sheet material machine, plastic piece of molding machine, mould etc is neither peaceful company has social mission. Trying to make the international first-class brand is neither tiger look to the future development of times, stand erect in the world prosperity over the long-term plan. In the new century economic development trend, congested with all customers, let's make friends in the win-win and brilliant tomorrow!
        The company abide "sincere letter, take the quality as the" business purpose, not only to provide customers with high quality products and service, but also offers all the technical support.

        Enterprise culture

        Science and technology humanist, enterprise innovation first!
        The company abide "sincere letter, take the quality as the" business purpose!


        The company honor

        The company honor

        All rights reserved:2011 SHANTOU HONGTAI MACHINERY CO.,LTD.         Technical support: general domain website construction experts
        Address: industrial zone, shantou city/industry one of the 20 th road
        Phone: +86 754 82489884 88218880 fax: +86 754 82488869 contact
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